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Aquinas Campus, Ballarat

Ground Level, Carn Brea - Building 100 Room G.13

ACU Life

Tanya Kehoe
Campus Pastoral Associate - Staff and Students  
Email: tanya.kehoe@acu.edu.au
T: (03) 5536 5311

Fr Eladio Lizada
Chaplain [Wednesday]
Email: eladio.lizada@acu.edu.au
Phone:03 5536 5402

Saint Josephine Bakhita Campus, Blacktown

Ground Floor – Building 910

ACU Life

Maddy Forde
Campus Pastoral Associate - Students [Monday to Thursday]
Email: madeline.forde@acu.edu.au
02 9739 2608

Fr Pawel Barszczewski OP
Chaplain [Tuesday and Thursday]
02 9465 9478

McAuley at Banyo Campus, Brisbane

Level 1, Building 200, Room 1.16

ACU Life

Gabby Fernandes
Campus Pastoral Associate - Students
Email: gabrielle.fernandes@acu.edu.au
Phone: 07 3623 7332

Fr Harry Chan
Chaplain [Monday to Thursday]
Email: harry.chan@acu.edu.au
Phone: 07 3623 7785

Level 2, Building 200

Colleen Tracey
Campus Pastoral Associate - Staff  [Monday to Thursday]
Email: colleen.tracey@acu.edu.au
Phone: 07 3861 6075

Signadou Campus, Canberra

Level 1, Veritas Building, Building 301 – Room 301.1.08

ACU Life

Ellen Thomas
Campus Pastoral Associate
Email: ellen.thomas@acu.edu.au
Phone: 02 6209 1150

Fr Paul Nulley
Chaplain [Wednesday]
Email: paul.nulley@acu.edu.au
Phone: 02 6209 1284

St Patrick's Campus, Melbourne

Mezzanine Level, Daniel Mannix Building – Building 403 – Room MZ.17

ACU Life

Jake Santitto
Campus Pastoral Associate - Students
Email: jake.santitto@acu.edu.au
Phone: 03 9953 3072

Fr Michael Buck
Chaplain [Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday]
Email: michael.buck@acu.edu.au
Phone: 03 9953 3071

Jeremy Ambrose
Campus Pastoral Associate - Staff
Email: jeremy.ambrose@acu.edu.au
T: 03 9230 8267

MacKillop Campus, North Sydney

Level 3, James Carroll Building – Building 503 – Room 3.13

ACU Life

Paolo Grella 
Campus Pastoral Associate - Students
Email: paolo.grella@acu.edu.au
Phone: 02 9739 2487

Mount Saint Mary Campus, Strathfield

Ground Level, Saint Edmund Building – Building 613 – Room G.24

ACU Life

Fr Mirko Integlia
Chaplain [Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday]
Email: mirko.integlia@acu.edu.au
Phone: 02 9701 4462

Campus Ministry Management and Support Team

MacKillop Campus, North Sydney

Ground Floor, Building 500 – Room G.14


Robert Tonkli
Associate Director (Acting), Identity & Mission
Senior Advisor Policy and Projects
Office of the Vice President
Email: robert.tonkli@acu.edu.au
Phone: 02 9465 9433

Level 14, Tenison Woods House, Building 532 - Room 14.15

Br Michael Callinan fms
Campus Ministry Manager, Campus Ministry
Email: michael.callinan@acu.edu.au
Phone: 02 9739 2455

Catherine Le Mottee
Administrative Support Officer, Campus Ministry [Monday to Thursday]
Email: catherine.lemottee@acu.edu.au
Phone: 02 9739 2716

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